Dutch Mansion is created in 2009 to enter attractive new or existing business areas. The company is led by founding partner Peter Damman, a seasoned executive, with over 20 years experience in b-t-b operations. Dutch Mansion belongs to the Dutch Beachouse Group.

Dutch Mansion focuses on trading companies, retailer and e-tailers. We provide growth capital to both early stage as well as mature companies. We have a proven track record and have invested in many companies and have been through the full venture capital cycle of seeding, nurturing, and harvesting. We review many companies and businesses every year. For our selection of companies we will invest in, we use stringent selection criteria:

  • The company must have a distinct, sustainable and competitive advantage.
  • The company needs to have a passionate and committed management team.
  • The company must have a clear strategy and being able to adapt to constant change.
  • The company must be active in a large enough market or having the potential to become the dominant player in a niche market.
  • There needs to be a clear exit strategy. We prefer investment opportunities that offer a three to five year exit window.
Dutch Mansion

Pettelaarseweg 5
5216 BG Den Bosch
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 73 6142201
E-mail: info@dutchmansion.nl